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The Down Low YO…

Life at the Smith house never seems to stop. As Buzz Lightyear once said “these children are exceptionally skilled at chaos.” I couldn’t agree more. My one son has recently been demanding EVERY second of attention and my daughter would easily watch 23hrs of Disney Junior if we didn’t remember where she was and to go turn it off. 🙂

I’m not very good at it yet, but I keep trying to slow down and just “be” and “enjoy” when I am not running to class or to work. I love watching the new things they do, how they think, their crazy hair in the morning, and how they see the world. I love how Noah asks if we can text God and how Zoey can’t say butterfly, but “dudderfly” and talks to their cocoons.  I love how it makes thier day when I find a song on itunes about tooting. Of course I’M the one who announced and purchased it…the biggest kid in the house. It is quite hilarious…I am jealous that I hadn’t thought of it myself. I may have it played at my funeral…

I love how Noah prays. At bedtime tonight he prayed fervently “and we love you. And we know your the power of the glory.”  🙂 haha! It was all I could do to keep from making trumpet noises with my lips trying to hold my laugh in. Good ol’southern baptist preschool coming out there….I think it might have been a connection to the Lord’s prayer they are learning right now. O’Glory be!

I love how Zoey loves her many babies. They are all named “Libby” and somehow are ALWAYS pooping and getting spankins to which she informes me seriously that she’s taken care of it. But when I crawl in to tuck her in at night she is surrounded by babies and animals of all varieties and herself is usually sleeping horizontal in the bed. I just want her to stay small forever, love baby dolls, and never have a clue who Justin Beiber is.  She is so happy over the littlest things. She saw a yellow wildflower while we were driving down the highway (at 65mph)and said sweetly “I would pick that flatter for you momma.” She loves “flatters (flowers).” Just an easy-going happy girl who still has hardly any hair and loves purple.

As for me, I love myself snuggled up in bed too. I love scarfing chocolate and reading Hunger Games to cope while my husband serves and protects the streets on nightshift. I love having a warm, safe house with food in the fridge. And I love knowing that the Lord is in control of my mess. I love how He smiles for no reason other than that He just loves me (and maybe likes my crazy hair in the morning too). I wonder if He tiptoes in his kids rooms (like I do every night) and whispers “thank you Father for giving me such a precious gift.”

He loves us. He just does. How awesome is that? If I could only stay on that one thought instead of yelling at the size of my laundry pile, whining over money, or worrying over the mystery spots on my carpet.

He loves us…who can ever get over that?






Comments on: "The Down Low YO…" (6)

  1. Marci Hobbs said:

    Oh Amy, This is the best blog. I’ve got tears in my eyes while smiling all over my face as I read your pouring out your love for these precious two. Just think, I get to see them myself in 2 days! Zoey is so much like you as a little girl, even in her talking. I am so blessed to have this precious family (and all my other kids, grands and greats) and just can’t get over it. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Amy for making my day!!! That’s the truth! Lamb

  2. You have a gift, A… and it spills out over these pages of this sacred place. I remember the days of the little girl who always loved children and wanted to have her own… and here you are with a great longing fulfilled. I loved every, single word… I am so proud of you… I love you!

  3. great post A…so so sweet

  4. Great post Amy! You will treasure this post more and more as your kiddos get older. What a great way to remember!!

  5. Anonymous said:

    I continually find more reasons to love your heart for Christ. I thank God for you!!

  6. Liz Hobbs said:

    this is beautiful.

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