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Dream a little dream…

Dreams do come true. They can happen to you…if you’re young at heart

I LOOOVE the movie Tangled. We have watched it so many times we know just about every line by heart. I smile inside everytime Flynn Rider tells Rapunzel “you were my new dream.”  Ugh, I just love that! What a line! And while I’m sighing happily I look over and Zoey is like a mini-me doing the same thing. 🙂 PS…I also love the part where she sings about having a dream and the ruffian tells Flynn “not you. Your dream stinks.” 🙂

I once read somewhere that people who daydream during the day live longer and are less stressed. I remember reading that and thinking I will live forever. In school I could’ve gotten an “A ” in daydreaming.  It was how I got through the monotony of high school. And it was probably the reason people thought I smoked pott (even though I NEVER have!).  What can I say, I guess I’m just a dreamer! Well, maybe I should say, used to be.

I can’t remember the last time I daydreamt. Life is too busy with kids and husbands and work and sticky floors that I don’t think I have anytime where I daydream other than the occaisional Starbucks coffee mirage or when I try to find a happy place while my kids are screaming and fighting over who touched who’s leg.

What about you? When’s the last time you had a GREAT daydream? What would it even be about?

When we were little, most of us had BIG dreams of what we would grow up to become, what our wedding would be like, what our houses would look like, etc. I don’t remember obsessing much about my wedding but I do remember vowing when I grew up I would  have a stockpile of chocolate milk, a whole basement of Little Tike houses and power wheels, and a whole cabinet of junk food JUST for the babysitter.  🙂 I also dreamt about owning a horse.

Those dreams soon morphed into one BIG dream….finding a Prince Charming. I never dreamt about having kids because it was more like a SURPRISE, YOU ARE HAVING KIDS! (both times!).   Now I don’t even know what I would dream about .  I seem to only think of dreams I have for my kids. I dream that they will be grow up to be happy adults who don’t hate me or think I’m stupid, and who aren’t afraid to be who God made them to be. I dream that they will love the Lord with a heart so fierce and so strong, so much more than mine, and that I will just sit in my rocker and smile contentedly.

Oh and maybe I dream about owning a camper….and a horse (still).

So friend…weary traveler in this world where time is so precious.  I challenge you to up your “daydream” life. I think sometimes we forget how or even see the point in it. But I think dreaming is a great way to remind us that things are not the way they were supposed to be. We were made for a “dreamy” existence…and one day soon it will be restored again. No more pain, no more tears, no more money trouble, no more fear.  And then we will have ALL eternity to……DREAM and float on clouds, ride unicorns, or whatever we want to do. (Sidenote: I will probably be eating swiss cake rolls and riding a horse maybe even simultaneously, so feel free to join me. Or you can join my grandpa on his sea-dooo).

Don’t be scared…DREAM ON!!! (thank you Aerosmith. Nice touch. You are wierd but you are wise).


Comments on: "Dream a little dream…" (4)

  1. Marci Hobbs said:

    Ever since I read your blog last night I’ve had this song running through my head. I think I was a very young teen-ager when I had a record of Cinderella and loved the song, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes (when you’re fast asleep”.) I used to sit on the register (where the heat came out in grandmother’s living room – I was cold even back then) and play that song over and over. I don’t remember what I was wishing for at the time but I sure remember the song. I also thought about having to tell you that Mimi was not going to get you a horse for Christmas. I hated to tell you that Mimi only gave practical gifts and even though she had a horse she loved she would not get you a horse for Christmas. If you ever move to a place you can have a horse, I will buy you a horse! So, don’t quit dreaming about having a horse! I love you, Lamb

    • I love that song Lamb! That’s a good one! That’s so funny how you sat on the radiator…so cute! I have no idea why I thought Mimi would buy me a horse…hahah. I won’t stop dreaming! Thanks Lamb! Love u!

  2. Brenda Zane said:

    I always wished we could make your dream come true and give you a horse. Am trusting that God will either fulfill that dream someday or that you will spend eternity riding to your heart’s content. Kevin Root posted a quote once that HOPE is dreaming with God. i like that.

    I daydreamed alot as a kid too but don’t remember what about. I know I desperately wanted a husband (Prince Charming) and kids and God gave me that dream.

    I think what I want more than dreams these days, in my 50’s, is to see the wonder still—the wonder of what God has made and who He is, because the stress of life tends to dull that for me. When I worked with the kids in Children’s ministry, that’s what I loved the most–seeing the wonder with them and in their eyes. I don’t think wonder is just for children. I want it too.

    I love you, Amy! But, I must ask: Where did the idea come from that kids might grow up to think their mom is stupid????? Hmmmm. Is it my “mom jeans” or what?

    • I just don’t want my kids to think I’m stupid, that’s all. 🙂 No basis for it and don’t know where it comes from, but I guess it’s based on fear of rejection, so hopefully they will still like me when they are old. Love your comment! Love YOU too! 🙂 I will be a teacher and get me a horse one of the days! If I had one earlier I wouldn’t appreciate it as much as I will as an adult. 🙂

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