Life for me mostly feels like an alien living on a strange planet. These are my ramblings…


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, people of preschool ages, I bring you….

the Tiny Toy Box!!

As you may know, Bronson and I are on a foster care hiatus and have decided to close our home for now. We may try again in a few years if the Lord leads us, but for now we need to keep things intact here on the home front and keep me from jumping off a bridge while I deal with school. Probably a good idea that I stay alive for a while.  Soo….all that to say I was praying and asking the Lord what I could still do in order to help foster children in some small way, and VOILA..He gave me the greatest idea!! Here is a brief synopsis…

I know I’m weird but I LOVE toys.  (I thought everybody did and then found out it’s mostly me..oh well).

I love finding them dirty and without batteries for 50 cents or $1 at a yard sale  or thrift shop and then taking them home to my “hospital” to fix and clean and scrub them up good as new.

Maybe I read too much Courderoy or Velveteen Rabbit as I kid…

Anywhoo…It’s been a fun hobby for me ever since my kids were born.  And THAT’s the idea the Lord gave me to try…

Why not open a toy shop online that people can purchase gently used toys for their kids?

Kids honestly don’t know the difference between a toy that comes in packaging vs none. The packaging is actually the most frustrating part of getting a gift anyways! And why spend $35 on a toy when the same toy is $5 and the purchase can benefit others?

So without further ado, the Tiny Toy Box is OPEN for business!

Here’s how it works below. PLEASE tell your friends and “like” the shop on Facebook!


-Shop ANYTIME on facebook. Monthly albums of pictures will be created with the toys that are available for sale. Simply look through the pictures and “comment” on any items you wish to purchase. I even deliver weekly and offer gift wrap.

-ALL proceeds go to help foster children in our area through Miracle Hill. Foster parents can shop for birthday or Christmas gifts for their foster children with FREE shopping vouchers.   Also, proceeds go to help them with essentials (such as underwear, socks, sippy cups, etc.). EVERY dollar you contribute goes to help foster children! How cool is that?

-All items are clean, sanitized, and in working condition.

-GREAT for kid’s birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. Have a friend’s birthday coming up? Let me know and I will have it gift wrapped and ready for the party for you!

-Please comment with any suggestions, tips, or if anything else should be included so that it makes sense. It’s NEW so I welcome any feedback!


Comments on: "IT’S HERE!!!!" (4)

  1. Brenda Zane said:

    Hoping for great success and that many children will be blessed. As your mother, I say offering gift wrapping is something I might reconsidering….as it is one more thing on your plate….This is my protective Mother Bear speaking, so you can delete this comment, but you did ask for input. 🙂 I love you!

    • Thanks Mom…It’s just a gift bag where I throw tissue paper in it…not the gift wrapping like with paper…I should probably clarify that so that IS good feedback! Thanks Mom!!

  2. this is great amy! i know we’ll be shopping there often! i’ll have to make a list for you! haha!

  3. Marci Hobbs said:

    You are so good at thinking up clever ways to do things. I wish you great success with this. Lamb

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