Life for me mostly feels like an alien living on a strange planet. These are my ramblings…

Fiercely protective.  The one who watches over us and protects us. The one who doesn’t sleep-who lies awake watching for predators in the darkness.  The one who’s roar alone echoes and silences all others.

He has no equal.

No harm shall befall you when He is near. You are safe. You are protected.

You are in the knowing presence of  greatness.

Chances are, if you have times of worry or fear (like I do), maybe it’s because we forget to see God in this way.  We forget he is not safe, but he is good (C.S Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia).  We think of the sunday school Jesus, the humble servant, and we forget His majesty.  We forget his fierceness. His roar. The size of his paw. His majesty.  His committment to protecting us and watching everything with sovereign eyes.

So when you stumble to the coffee pot on a dreary morning, just remember…He is right there. Let Him fight your battles for you. Let Him handle your worry and your fears. He will never leave you or stop fighting for you. There is nothing about your sin that surprises Him. He knows everything and longs for you to know

that there is nothing to fear, not even Him.

So sit and stay awhile…soak in His mighty presence….

the Lion of Judah is before you.


Comments on: "“No, he is not safe, but he is good.” (C.S Lewis)" (2)

  1. Brenda Zane said:

    Wow!!!!! What an awesome and powerful post! Thank you, Amy!

  2. Marci Hobbs said:

    Loved this, Amy. This is so true – He is forever for us. Love you, honey.

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