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When the Poor Get Creative

If 25 years of walking with the Lord has taught me anything it’s that He has the BEST ideas and finds the BEST deals!! All you have to do is ASK Him! In May of this year I spotted an old record player outside of our local thrift store. Every time I drove by for about two days it was sitting there…forlorn…alone..dirty…looking at me with puppy eyes calling to me as I zoomed by in my minivan. It was in HORRIBLE shape, but as my mom says it had “great lines!” I couldn’t stop thinking about it and finally stopped in just to ask how much they would sell it for. The ladies looked at me blankly like I didn’t get the memo that the piece was about to RIP at Pickens County landfill if only they could find a man to lift it, but they squeeked out  “$10??? and I yelled “SOLD!!!” a little too loudly.  The thing was SO heavy and SO gross that Bronson gave me “the look” when he had to go pick it up in his truck. He did NOT see the “lines” and thought that the fact that I wouldn’t allow it in the house yet until all spider eggs and dirt had been eliminated should’ve been a MAJOR CLUE to let this item PASS. It was summer. It was hot. And it had no future…yet.

NEVERTHELESS (WHY are you still reading???), I had absolutely NO plan what I was going to do with it.  So it sat and I waited and prayed (yes prayed-hence my comment about HIS awesome ideas above).  Two months later the idea came to me as sweetly as dew on the grass of Liberty…God said “Amy. why not make it a bakery for Zoey for Christmas?”  TRALAAA!! The angels sang! It was September and four months seemed like just enough time to squeeze in 15 minute paint stripping sessions while the kids were watching SpongeBob, trudging up to the attic at 11:00pm instead of watching the news to put ANOTHER coat of paint on it, having trouble falling asleep because you just didn’t quite know what color would look best on the trim, etc.

I do have to say my awesome husband was VERY sweet and helped make it even cooler than intended with his touches. Christmas morning he even turned to me and complimented the victory (aka God’s idea). SCORE!! It’s always good when your husband doesn’t think you’re a complete retard…

The point of the lesson, children, is to ask Him (aka God) for good ideas. If your kids are small and don’t know that Baby Alive is supposed to come in a box, then get creative and ask God to help you find a good deal next time you drop off at the Goodwill or pass a yardsale. He truly is the best shopping partner. You may not be into sweet shops, but I should have my mom do a guest post on all the comforters and perfect pillows He’s found for her..whatever your vice may be, He’s the best!

So without further ado (if you’re still reading), here is the Sweet Shop of 2011! Thank you God for such a creative, fun idea!! Best thing is that Zoey is running her first non-profit business and she’s only 3!! The sky is the limit!!

BEFORE….(and PS…sorry I’m not one of THOSE bloggers who takes 100 pictures with a super nice camera). These are the best I could get the idea though..


GUTTED and WHITEWASHED…this could be a sermon illustration…or a devotional for decorators! 🙂

PS. if anyone wanted dibs on the 1970’s record player with gold trim…sorry. it’s a goner…


TAADAA!! The final product! Everything refurbished except for the cupcakes!


Found a WHOLE box of push lights at a yard sale for $2.00…great lighting featuring an apple pie will bring in customers don’t you think??

ABOVE:  Zoey’s happy little face on Christmas morning.

BELOW: coolest thing is the oven (thanks to Bronson for making it happen). Just switch on and bake (aka red light bulb)!!



The total cost= $10 for record player + $20 for materials (wires, plexiglass, spraypaint, red lightbulb, apron/hat) + $10 for adorable vintage fisher price cupcakes off Ebay that I just had to have so I could relive my childhood…all other items were given to her for her bday or from her play kitchen. All paint and scrap wood were leftovers which brings the grand total to $40!!




Comments on: "When the Poor Get Creative" (11)

  1. That is so coooool!!!!!! You are so creative!!! I must admit most of our Christmas presents for the kids this year came from our Church consignment sale. It was an awesome place to get “gently used” clothes and toys and the kids loved them just as much as the “new” toys they were given.

  2. Brenda Zane said:

    I loved this post!!!!! I too have seen God do the amazing with gift giving and with restoring beauty to something discarded….His creativity never ends. The Sweet Shop is amazing!

  3. Stephanie Smith said:

    That is amazing! Well done Amy! You’re so creative!

  4. Absolutely adorable. I love the creativity of God through you. You did an amazing job. I must say you had a good teacher in your mom. Sister could turn anything beautiful with her spray paint. She has always had “the eye”…

    Love you, A
    PS. I’m still hoping for a subscribe button on your blog so that I get notifications in my email. I almost missed this… thanks to Lamb I didn’t.

  5. Awesone amy!! I live this the lights inside the case to show off the goodies really make it! What an amazingly creative mommy!

  6. Brings back memories of my kids at Christmas! God said, “Be anxious for nothing, but everything with prayer…” He cares about every aspect of our lives. What a precious God we serve!

  7. LOVE this story, Amy! I have passed it on to many. Being old enough to remember when my parents brought home a NEW piece of electric music playing furniture almost identical to yours, I must correct you. It is a STEREO, not a record player In 1969, that was a huge difference. LOL. My mother still has this piece of furniture in pristine shape. I will look at it and its future with a fresh prospective. And yes, what a great sermon illustration!!

  8. this was such a fun post to read 🙂 You are amazing and so creative! Martha Stewart has nothing on you!

  9. My dauughter is 18. But I’d still be using this as a server…maybe make real drawers! Beautiful and creative…love the oven. Mimi

  10. […] Here’s another furniture renovation that captured our hearts. This old record player was spotted at a vintage store for $10. With a lick of paint, some plexiglass and light bulbs, it makes a delicious sweet shop. Check out how it was done at An Alien Has Landed. […]

  11. This woman is claiming to have made this sweet shop herself and attempting to get people to pay her to make them one. She even stole some if your photos and sent them to me insisting she made it herself.

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