Life for me mostly feels like an alien living on a strange planet. These are my ramblings…

Here Go’s Nothing….

Sometimes Facebook is just not enough to get all of my ramblings out. I do not expect anyone to read this blog, but am simply looking for an outlet for my ramblings and thoughts. So if you do NOT like….

1) kids and all they include! 🙂 Hopefully 2012 will not have a lot of posts about poop!

2) thoughts about God

3) being creative, laughing

then this is NOT the blog for you!

I do feel the need to clarify and ask for grace in my spelling, my grammer and crazy repeated use of run-on sentences (yes I’m aware and I don’t care).  I also may only post once a week, so don’t hold high hopes that I will be “together” like all the other bloggers.

So here’s to nothing! We shall see how it goes!


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  1. How do I start a blog? I just got a new account on Yahoo but don’t see where to start writing.?

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